Health Information Center Of Islamic Countries

Hicoic or Islamic Countries Health Information Centre aims to present a proper and decent health care providers capabilities and the needs of clients and provide health services for the use of all walks of people especially the Islamic countries are explained citizens.

HiCOIC is a network of suppliers and service providers that link between them and the health of the applicants receive the health services it provides. By joining this network will have the opportunity to use their service, you can put the world and seekers

HICOIC service contacts are divided into two main categories :

Registration is an important step to becoming an HiCOIC patient after you have scheduled your first appointment. It helps each clinic correctly identify you and your medical information. Registration includes collecting basic information from you and creating your medical record.

Join as a patient

By joining this network user will have the opportunity to use your service.

Join as provider

Efforts to process and display data in this system while utilizing the system validation and quality control is a unique HiCOIC and comply with international standards, with the objective to provide more inclusive with the capability to five in English, Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, and French, and the service provider sector, in terms of quality, guaranteed to be introduced to the facilities of applicants in this has been to ensure a systematic and system.